Trace the story of the cookie factory

To the origins of the delicacy

For more than 30 years, the Biscuiterie de Kerlann has been producing and promoting the quality of its traditional Breton biscuits, which have been successful year after year. The choice and selection of ingredients is made with care in order to offer our customers a striking culinary experience. Discover the history of our family business!


The origin

They started in 1920 in Josselin after two generations of pastry-bakers, which throughout the centuries will become a devouring family passion.


A love story filled with butter

After military service during the Algerian war, it was at the age of 24 that Jean-Louis Joubard followed in his family’s footsteps, starting to make the first biscuits in his garage, which were to leave their mark on more than one generation.


The authenticity

Patrick and Véronique Guillateau naturally decided to found their own biscuit factory “La Biscuiterie de Kerlann”. And so, once again, they follow a long family tradition by developing new flavours, while taking pleasure in selecting quality ingredients.


The evolution

The growth of their reputation in the region of Vannes has led the « Biscuiterie de Kerlann » to relocate to Muzillac in order to meet the increasing demand year after year.


The kneading trough in motion

A few years later, the parent company expanded once again, combining modernity with respect for the traditions of the craft that had been carried on for decades.


Perpetuating traditions

Several shops (Savenay, Auray) belonging to the brand were opened spontaneously, so that little gourmets could enjoy the little pleasures of Kerlann biscuits. Over time, several shops opened their doors and franchises were set up, mainly in Brittany. It is always in the family, artisanal and traditional spirit that reigns within this company.